Core Values

1. We are a church about relationships and not about a religion.

It's about: Jesus & others


2. We are a church for anybody, but we understand we may not be for everybody.

It's about: welcoming all


3. We are a church of "open hand" and "closed hand" convictions.

It's about: diversity


4. We are a church that uses all means to reach people for Christ, short of sin.

It's about: reaching out


5. We will always be a church with new believers growing in their faith.

It's about: spiritual birth & growth


6. We're all jacked up! We understand none of us are perfect.

It's about: forgiveness


7. We are a church that equips people to serve where they are gifted and passionate.

It's about: serving Christ by serving others


8. We are a church that celebrates what God has done.

It's about: life transformation


9. We are a church that is pastor-led and church-owned.

It's about: working together


10. We are a church that honors our leaders.

It's about: respect